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Vision Board Journal

Vision Board Journal

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Seeing a constant visual reminder of your goals is how your subconscious mind stays focused on your goals. What you focus on expands. Creating a vision board gives you a visual way to see your goals and develop a mindset to reach them on a daily basis.
This journal was made to make yearly vison boards and keep them all together to look back, but most importantly, so that you can create a spread every month to make mini goals that will keep you on track for your bigger yearly goals.
  • Vision boards may also help us imagine what a positive future could look like for us. Imagining a positive future is a helpful way to increase positive emotions and optimisn. And positive emotions often create opportunities and increase the chances of success.
  • Vision boards can end up being a collection of all the goals we aspire to—being rich, beautiful, and successful. If we really want to achieve these goals, we need to be more realistic with them. What can we reasonably accomplish in a year or five years? You can visualize your priorities by focusing a vision board on your most important life goals or by placing them above, in the center, or over a greater majority of the board.
Tune in every month live on letsjazzitup youtube channel to follow along on monthly goal setting journaling using this journal.
  • Colorful blank pages
  • 5.3*7.2in, 192 pages and 96+ Unique Color Design thick Paper
  • Suited for gratitude journal, take notes, plans, ideas, records, thoughts, daily planner, bullet journal
  • Stitched Binding
  • Linen Cover With a Simple Tear-off Sticker

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