The Vision

Curating Small Businesses through mentoring, vlogging, & Courses with stationary items to help record goals, triumphs, & timelines.

Leather Journals & Sketchbook

This hand stithed recycled leather is a stationary must have. Craftd with... 

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  • Mentorship

    A class where we explore ideas to make you successful and accountable to yourself.

  • Notary 1-on-1

    Learn the steps to become a successful LSA and learn the paperwork you'll be signing off on with clients

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  • Vending Catalog

    PDF booklet that can be texted, emailed, or printed to potential clients at vending locations

  • Created with integrity to help others


  • Helping others to manifest through their pen and their voice

  • Dedicated to staying transparant with the knowledge learned in order to lead others to their dreams

  • Fair and transparent Pricing

"There's Power in The Pen"

The best ways to manifesting is speaking your positive thoughts aloud and writng them down

Custom Engraved Journals

Custom Engraved Journals

Choose a custom Nature themed image created by letsjazzitup and have your... 

Manifesting Vision Board Journal

Every year and every month place photos of your goals to obtain and watch them happen.

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