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Daily Intentions Goal Planner & Journal: letsjazzitup2

Daily Intentions Goal Planner & Journal: letsjazzitup2

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A daily, guided journal designed to aid you in self exploration, healing, and reflection. Featuring  thought provoking prompts, inspiring quotes, open-ended questions, daily practices, and motivational soul food with room for writing, this journal is the ultimate tool for personal growth.

 This journal will help you slow down, reflect and enjoy your life from a new perspective. You will learn about yourself, self reflect on what's important to you and gain awareness on a deeper level.

The countless positive benefits you will receive from this journal will transform your life. This journal is designed to help you thrive and realize your great potential, in the present moment.

This guided journal will help you:

• Create the ultimate positive habit to add into your daily routine.
• Allow for daily reflection, which will help you stay grounded, present, and in touch with yourself.
• Help you heal on many levels, as writing helps release stress, anxiety, and disturbances in daily life.
• Accelerate your ability to accomplish your goals.
• Guide you in getting to know and understand yourself on a deeper level.

This journal has been designed to be a safe space for you, where you can grow into the best version of yourself. 


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