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Daily Reflections Journal & Planner: By Letsjazzitup2

Daily Reflections Journal & Planner: By Letsjazzitup2

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This  Reflections Journal  can reduce stress, boost your mood, keep your memory sharp, and strengthens your emotional functions. Journaling can help individuals develop more structured, adaptive, and integrated schemes about themselves, others, and the world. Guided journals already give you a topic to write about so you dont have to stress about organizing your thoughts and you have a clear place to start documenting your ideas, your day, daily questions, and reflection pages to continue to progress mentally, emotionally, and spirtually.


Plan your daily goals and daily To-do's every morning & night along with your daily affirmations.


  • 5.5 X 8.25" 
  • 199 pages
  • Perfect bound
  • Soft back
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