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Custom order M, Mariah

Custom order M, Mariah

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1. What color leather?
-green (darker green like forest/emerald)
2. Design like pic added. Botanist journal
-Aged unlined
4. Wrap cord
5: do you want charms? Metal corners? Glass bottles?
-metal corners & maybe charms? I’m sending those reference photos!
6. What do you want the book to say?
-I was thinking just having my name engraved on the back of the journal "Riah"! And on the front have some fairy forest/cottage core decor!
7. Do you want any lace on the book? I have purple, burgundy, green, black ,white
-no lace

Also, have the crystal book mark in this? No purse strap. I know it uses up too much of your supply


Botanist $63 + name engraved $5 + crystal bookmark +5: $73

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