Custom order deray

Custom order deray

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Hi! 💕 


1. Dusty purple 


2. You can pick the acccent color, it doesn't have to be a matching lighter piece • just no teal and orange combo please. 

•I love warm colors so like red & orange combo is good possibility :) 


3. Paper: aged lined


4. I love a good swing latch but also open to a belt and sword closure.


5. Love charms & Metal corners. And iffy about the glass bottle, but if it fits the theme you're going with then it is absolutely okay! 



6. Book saying, I'm torn between, book of shadows, or book of memories. On one hand I want to use the journal as a diary. But I also want to use it as a scrap book for my pictures. I'm a hobby photographer and can send you some photos I've taken if you'd like to see, so maybe we can add a vintage camera on 


7. I'm iffy on the lace but if you think it fits the theme I'm open to it (: 



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