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Custom order Damien

Custom order Damien

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Xmas market pickup 

1st book: $70

1. Color..."Green" like the green color of the book of angels on page 3 of your website.


2. Color of 2nd piece..."Green" just like the book of angels


3. Lined antique paper.


4. Two swing latches.


5. Metal corners (silver)


6. Title..."Book Of Gardens".


7. No lace


To personalize my wife's journal...on the top right corner will you be able to place a hummingbird with it's beak in a flower drawing the nectar and at the bottom left corner a few flowers with a butterfly or two hovering above the flowers



2nd book: $70


1. Color of leather..."Brown" like the book of prayers on your website on page 5.


2. Color of 2nd piece (for engraving)..."a lighter shade of brown"


3. "Lined" antique paper.


4. Closure..."2 swing latches".


5. Metal corners - bronze color.


6. Title..."Book of Bushido".


7. Question...what would the lace be for?


Are you able to place the "Yin and Yang" symbol on top center? Also, will I be able to see the final layout before you finalize the front of the journal.


Let me know if there is anything else I need to provide you with. Thank you Jasmine



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