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The Hustle Planner

The Hustle Planner

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The Hustle Planner was created for the business owner who is serious about identifying and mapping out their goals. Our worksheets and consistent check points make it easier for you to stay organized and focused so that you never end another year wondering where the time went, where your money went, and why you weren't able to achieve your financial, business, and personal goals.

This planner was created in Virginia using a small business printer service. 

This planner includes: Full color pages

  • 1 Business Plan form
  • Financial Planning: monthly view with 1 savings tracker, 3 mileage trackers, 1 loan payments page, 2 supplies expense pages, 3 expense pages, Business debts tracker
  • Weekly calendar view
  • Monthly To-do list with schedule, and grateful worksheet
  • Monthly interactive pages for bulletin prompts and games to set your mind right for the beginning months
  • Monthly Goal Planning: goal planning worksheets with action plan
  • Monthly Income Tracker for side hustles with monthly goals for income
  • Each page includes an inspirational quote area to write mantras for the day
  • Vibes: We spent a lot of time on a custom design, color palette, original art, and layout that would bring calm and joy to your year

START PLANNING & SAVING TODAY for your business! Undated planner to track your monthly income, savings & expenses
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BUDGET for your business- Get to grips with your finances with this finance & expenses Planner. Track your monthly income, expenses, savings & mileage for your business. With lots of space to record day-to-day expenditure.
ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS - With monthly budget & extra expenses trackers you'll organize your finances in no time. Planning ahead means you'll be able to put aside money for a treat once in a while.

  • Black and White
  • 5.85 x 8.23ins (A5 size)  planner size
  • Spiral 
  • No Tabs
  • 232 Pages
  • Full Color Pages
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